The Biggest Breakthrough in My Life

I spent the first sixteen years of my life in torment. My home life was like guerilla warfare in Vietnam. We knew that there was an enemy but we never knew when or where he would hit us next. My father struggled with a very dark form of depression that manifested in fits of rage that traumatized me as a young boy.

One day I was delivered from the oppression of my childhood. My football coach and government teacher opened a door for me to live in someone’s home away from the craziness. It was a God-thing. God reached into my miserable world and made a way for me to be set free.

This man who I later affectionately called Mr. Wilson, became a father to me. His persistent, patience, yet gentle nature became exactly what I needed. I needed someone to love me, to reach into my broken heart and tell me that everything was going to be okay.


I fought against, resisted, pulled away and ran from that love for ten years. But eventually I got it. This man, Mr. Wilson believed in me and took care of me. I felt special for the first time in my life. I got it! I belong to somebody who really cares about me. I thought to myself this must be what it feels like to be a son.

Knowing you are loved is the first step to knowing who you are. This love pours down into you creating a security in your soul that becomes the foundation of your very existence. Being loved creates a sense of being that causes you to know that “I matter.” I found it in my relationship with Mr Wilson.

He would say “God told me to look after you” in his very polished southern eastern shore accent. Those words seem to come when I needed them the most. I was raging inside or feeling like a complete idiot or way to full of myself and Wilson would say “don’t worry I’m going to look after you.” The seed of his warm love would go down into my soul and calm the fear of loosing control of my life.

God used that man to demonstrate real tangible love to me. I owe my ability to love to the Lord for giving me that man. Since that time I have been able to restore my relationship with my paternal father. I have an amazing marriage and four beautiful children. I know how to love them because I was rescued with a real love, a deep abiding love that increases every day.

Plus God uses me to love the loveable. Everyone needs to know they are loved. Love is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Courage gets us through the battles and over the mountains but love.

Receive The Father’s love more and more and ask for the courage to give it away! Choose to courageously live!