Real Life Courses


A LIFE-COURSE is a process designed to create breakthrough. Each course is packed with revelation and experiential exercises to maximize the benefit for the end user. The life-courses are developed from years of research of the Bible, the best ministry practices and the power of the Holy Spirit that empower believers to experience real transformation.


The life-courses provide break-through opportunities. Each life-course is designed to create a transformational experience. The goal is to create an experience that produces opportunities for change and growth. Break-through takes place when we experience growth. Life changing experiences are the result of passionate participation and energetic environments that open the door to fulfillment of personal goals.


Each life-course is strategic using classes, focused interactions and activities to create intensive experiences with maximum benefits. The courses are purposefully designed to walk participants through a process that empowers willing participants to learn, to grow and to advance. ALL REAL-LIFE COURSES OFFER PERSONAL COACHING IF DESIRED.


Your Jordan Crossing is a forty-day life course designed to empower you to break the patterns that have caused you to live “stuck.” Your Jordan Crossing is a personal journey laid out in a daily process with specific exercises for each day. You will work through your own wilderness into your Promised Land put together in a workbook. This course is based on the Biblical experience of Joshua when he led his generation to break free, crossover and conquer the land. You will experience learning how to have courage to overcoming your biggest disappointment, your greatest fear, tear down the idols in your life and turn the greatest pain into purpose. This real-life course is packaged in a workbook available in both perfect bound workbooks or .pdf format.


A REAL-LIFE course that empowers believers to Courageously Cross-over into their Purpose-filled Promised Land for which they were created. This one-of-a-kind radical experience provides the opportunity for partakers to release destructive wilderness life patterns in exchange for a courageous destiny. This 3-day event is a series of exercises designed specifically to create spiritual breakthroughs for participants. All activities are staged to empower believers to take faith risks that create spiritual growth and inspire spiritual confidence to fulfill their God-given purpose. This is live event that takes place over the course of a weekend typically beginning on Friday night and concluding on Sundays. The Get Real Ministries team holds the event in Peachtree City Georgia at the I-61 Center and on location with participating churches across the country.


“Marriage On Purpose” is a REAL-LIFE COURSE facilitated by Phillip and Darlena Fields. THIS is NOT A SEMINAR filled with expert knowledge that you may or may not use when you return home. IT IS A LIFE-TRANSFORMING EVENT. The process is an experience that empowers couples to break the fear cycle that is destroying their marriage. It uncovers and identifies areas of the relationship that can use restoration and repair. The big difference in this experience and ordinary seminars is the emphasis placed on practicing the process. All participants are given multiple opportunities to practice the principles that improve their marriage.

Many of those who have participated in past courses always remark about the amazing results they experienced and some claim their marriages were saved!

This is a live event that takes place on a Friday night and a full schedule on Saturday. The life-course is extending to 6 weeks of follow up support meetings held after the event. Plus there is a workbook offered for couples participating in the process.


This REAL-LIFE COURSE is a one-year development process designed for leaders. The goal is to equip leaders to be transformed and to be empowered to transform others. Leaders receive personal coaching specified to their personal goals and career. Each leader will develop a personal life-plan to maximize their full potential. There are specific learning opportunities that are designed to create growth and positive momentum for leaders who really want to make an impact.


This REAL-LIFE COURSE is the ultimate reality check. It is a one day intensive that fast tracks you to experience personal break through. The process involves getting to the root cause of your problems and using deliverance to break free from spiritual strongholds. This catalytic process will empower you to experience freedom from strongholds on a new level.

All life-course are designed by Get Real Ministries. Each course offers: workbooks, teaching materials and instructions.

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