GRM Friends,

Get Real Ministries now has a new home – “The I-61 Center” – located at 320 Dividend Drive in Peachtree City, Georgia.

We are excited to share the great reports of the progress being made through Get Real Ministries, beginning with “THE CROSSING” that took place in Texas in July. The fire of the Spirit fell on the church. The 100+ temperature outside helped set the stage for setting people on fire inside. The whole event was charged with an intensity of God’s presence and the people were desperately and intently entering into “The Crossing.”

Two brief testimonies:

  1. One man had been supernaturally released from prison. He was to serve 5 life-sentences. Through a miracle he was released after 24 years of time served. At one time he was the top gang leader in prison until Jesus came into the picture. He sobbed while bending over the cross as if Jesus were there in the flesh. He cried out with gratefulness for his pardon. This event set the place on fire as his tiny, less than 100-pound mother stood sobbing with him.
  2. The pastor of the church who had traveled as a very successful evangelist for nineteen years said he had never seen anything like this. He was energized to take territory – his entire county for Jesus. He came to me during every break sharing his personal breakthroughs. I left him in tears as he shared his heart about his great expectation for God’s glory to visit his community.

Plus, we are finishing our first “MARRIAGE ON PURPOSE” event. We have been mentoring couples all summer. I asked for testimonies a week ago. One couple who were on the verge of calling it quits said it saved their marriage and that they would recommend it to everyone. Some couples who have been married for over twenty-five years are saying that it took them deeper in their intimacy.

Also, we have opened our NEW GRM “I-61 CENTER” located at 320 Dividend Drive in Peachtree City. It is next door to the Better Way Thrift Store. This will be a great place for us to do our marriage events, counseling, prayer meetings and more. We plan to have a Grand Opening this month.

We have invitations to do our “Marriage On Purpose” event with pastors in Tennessee in September, as well as again here in Peachtree City. We are planning to do “The Crossing” again September 11-13 in Gay, GA. We believe that now more than ever it is time for the Body of Christ to arise: return to the truth, get your house in order and take back the land.

We appreciate everyone who is standing with us. Your prayer, your service and your financial contributions are making a significant difference. Thank you, thank you and God bless you!