2016 – The Year of Back Again

The reason we are calling 2016 “the Year of Back Again” is because most importantly, we believe that this will be the year that the United States and the Church will come back once again to be the greatest forces on the earth! But also because the Lord has assigned six words of promise to 2016 all beginning with the prefix “RE”, which has two meanings “back” or “again”. Following are these six words:

  1. REstore – to bring back to a state of health, soundness and vigor/vitality
  2. REnew – to make new again or begin again
  3. REposition – to put in a new or different position; shift; change the image; to place in original position again
  4. REpurpose – to change the reason something exists; to change the original or intended purpose
  5. REdeem – to pay off or buy back; to recover; to obtain release or restoration for; to discharge; to make amends; to deliver from sin and its consequences through repentance
  6. REward – recovery of lost or stolen property; something received in return or recompense for service, merit or hardship; to receive justice

The strength of these words lies in the power in which those that have been faithfully serving and relentlessly warring in anonymity and obscurity will arise from closets, trenches, slums, cubicles, pulpits, deserts and from their wilderness journeys; stirring and poising Heaven and earth for the greatest spiritual REVOLUTION the world has ever known!

Below are what some highly respected leaders of the faith are saying to confirm what we believe about the New Year:

  • It’s to be “the Year the Tide Turns” – the year things turn in our favor!
  • It’s spiritually being pronounced as the “Tipping Point Year”!
  • It will be known as the year of the “Justice Movement”!
  • God armies of angels are poised and ready to REstrain Satan and his demons!
  • The year of so much favor that it will scare us! The favor will be the REward of those who have diligently been seeking and serving Him (Hebrews 11:6b).

So, let us respond in 2 important ways to help see these things come to pass this year:

  1. Position ourselves to assist God in what He is doing, and
  2. Posture ourselves to REceive all that He has for us.

Bring on 2016!!! Get Real Ministries is ready with great expectation and anticipation for ALL that’s in store!